Consultants: who and what?

A company can use the services of an external consultant when a certain expertise can’t be found within the team. Consultants are working on temporary projects, ranging from a few months to even years. Recent graduates, despite of expertise, can also work as a consultant. Important, in this case, is a great learning ability and strong work ethic.

To work as a consultant, it is best to have several important characteristics:

  • High absorbency: quickly process a lot of and complex information.
  • Organized: to set up a structured process, you must also be organized yourself.
  • Independence: being able to plan well and dare to make decisions.
  • Strong communication: concise and clear communication and good listening.
  • Solution orientated: perseverance and creativity in finding solutions.
  • Patience: you learn as you go, enjoy discovering different paths.
  • Connecting: the right people at the right place.
  • Flexibility: regular change of working environment, working with different people.
  • Curiosity and eagerness to learn: being up to date with the latest developments, wanting to delve into the organization …

Not all the skills, but you want to work as a consultant? This is certainly possible! As a consultant you will learn ‘on the job’ and develop skills in a short time. Training can also be used to teach skills. As a consultant, you quickly develop different hard skills. If you really want to be successful, it would be best to also train your soft skills.

Working as a consultant has some disadvantages. As a consultant you work everywhere and nowhere. You will always roll from one project to another project, which can be quite debilitating. You must be able to handle pressure well, as expectations are high. Both the consulting company and the client count on your responsibility. These disadvantages do not outweigh the advantages. As a consultant, you can develop skills in the short term. Because you meet different companies and people, you will be able to build a large network. As a starter, you can quickly gain experience in different companies and discover what suits you best.

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