“Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”​

At Farma Consulting, we realize that our employees are our most valuable asset. From our vision, we commit to treating our employees as Partners. We do this by investing heavily in the following pillars:

  • Participatory corporate culture. With us, everyone is closely involved in the affairs of the company. Everyone’s input is valued and considered when making decisions. You are not a number to us, but your input will be greatly appreciated. Together we know more! In addition to project work, you will also have the opportunity to gain business insights with us.
  • Personal growth. Within our company are experienced QA experts & QPs within different domains. We see it as our obligation to ensure that young people have the opportunity to learn from them and vice versa. In addition, everyone also gets the opportunity to attend external training courses, according to their own interests. An annual training budget is provided for this per consultant.
  • Challenge. As a consultant, you will come into contact with different companies and assignments. During each project, you will therefore acquire new knowledge and insights. Especially during the start of your career, when you are not yet sure which direction you want to take, this is a huge advantage. We always select new projects in consultation with you. We undertake to focus on expertise projects, so there is no lack of challenge!
  • Career Opportunities. We are a young company, founded only 2 years ago. However, we still have a lot of ambition and ideas to develop our business. With us you get a unique opportunity to help build this business from the very beginning and take the benefits! Or maybe you have a good business idea of your own that we can realize together?
  • Transparent salary package. Gone are the days when everyone’s salary was treated as the biggest state secret. We are committed to offering a transparent pay package based on experience and performance. Here, everyone is treated equally based on clearly defined criteria. As an expert firm, we also pay our consultants above average by the way, which is nice ;). This is reflected not only in the gross salary, but also in an attractive package of extralegal benefits.

After reading this blog, are you interested in talking about the concrete possibilities? Then contact us as soon as possible & who knows, you might become our new colleague!


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